Metal-Oxide infused hybrid Polymer Membranes

Every year, a massive amount of energy is consumed by chemical manufacturers to separate and refine feedstocks contributing to about 10% of the global energy budget annually. Scientists have developed a technique which not only makes the process less energy-intensive but also is capable of withstanding harsh solvent rich chemical streams.
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Nano-scale secrets of Rechargeable Batteries

Who wouldn’t want a battery that charges quickly and lasts for a long time? After carrying out extensive research for decades, in 2016, scientists finally devised a totally new way of looking at the electrochemical reaction of the most simplest rechargeable battery- Lithium-ion battery.

Indefinitely Recyclable Plastic

What do you see every time you go to the beach? Plastic waste floating in the water – damaging the marine ecosystem and causing air and land pollution. We see plastic waste around us everyday which is the major cause of pollution on the planet. Once a boon has now become a curse, posing a threat to our own existence. Despondently it doesn’t even disintegrate. Have you ever wondered how we could overcome this?