Pulling down the blinds in our houses is a traditional way of keeping the sun out. But in this era of ‘smart’ tech why not make our windows smart too.
A new flexible material can do just that. To find out how, check this out!

Metal-Oxide infused hybrid Polymer Membranes

Every year, a massive amount of energy is consumed by chemical manufacturers to separate and refine feedstocks contributing to about 10% of the global energy budget annually. Scientists have developed a technique which not only makes the process less energy-intensive but also is capable of withstanding harsh solvent rich chemical streams.
To find out how, check this out!

Indefinitely Recyclable Plastic

What do you see every time you go to the beach? Plastic waste floating in the water – damaging the marine ecosystem and causing air and land pollution. We see plastic waste around us everyday which is the major cause of pollution on the planet. Once a boon has now become a curse, posing a threat to our own existence. Despondently it doesn’t even disintegrate. Have you ever wondered how we could overcome this?