AZeotropy 2k19: Nanotechcellence – Demystifying the nanoworld

India is a country with the largest number of students pursuing engineering. A common platform where students from various parts of the country can challenge their potentials is a great way to enhance the skills of an engineer.

IIT Bombay presents AZeotropy, the Annual Chemical Engineering Symposium organized by the students of Chemical Engineering. Established in 2007, with an aim to bring together students,  industry, and academia, the symposium comprises of diverse events involving a unique blend of Chemical Engineering based Competitions, Lecture Series, Panel Discussions, Exhibitions, Workshops, and Informal events. AZeotropy is now recognized as the leading Chemical Engineering symposium organized in India with yearly participation of over 4000 students from over 300 different engineering colleges all over India and more than 50 corporate personalities working in the field. The 12th Edition of AZeotropy came up with workshops like ASPEN, ANSYS Fluent, COMSOL, MATLAB, DWSIM, which saw huge participation of students of colleges from all over India.


Each year, AZeotropy hauls a theme to promote and bring out the sections which are not discovered in routine academic curriculum and base on it organizes many intriguing competitions, events, and also a wide variety of lectures by industrialist and professors, panel discussions, on-the-spot quizzes, informal events etc.

Flipping 12 golden editions of the symposium, the 13th edition is all set to take place on 16-17 March 2019. AZeotropy 2019 highlights the theme, “Nanotechcellence- demystifying the nanoworld”. By bringing together academic and industrial research, we make an effort to zoom into the invisible. We present to you groundbreaking panel discussion probing into the applications of nanotechnology and a plethora of competitions which would further consolidate the knowledge of budding engineering enthusiasts. The event will witness eminent personalities and professionals in that field to enlighten the young minds.


Presenting to you a plethora of events, to nurture the Chemical Engineer in you. AZeotropy offers a platform for students and enthusiasts to expand their horizons of knowledge and hone their skill-sets through Exhibitions, Lectures, Informals, Panel Discussion, and other intellectually stimulating events. Join us to grab this sterling opportunity.

Exhibitions – These intoxicating exhibitions will provide you a practical exposure through some amazing working models, witness Chemical Engineering in real life with exhibitions from industry and academia.

Informals – Intrigue yourself with exciting and fun informal activities at AZeotropy. Amidst all the learning, informals are here to maintain an aura of fun via Chemical Engineering insights.

Lectures – Esteemed professors from the top universities are here to disseminate their valuable insights. Get inspired and motivated by the experiences of prominent personalities.

Panel Discussion – Come, join us in a groundbreaking discussion which throws light on small things making a big difference. Engage yourself in a groundbreaking Panel Discussion on the risks and promises of Nanotechnology.


AZeotropy conducts workshops for students who are enthusiastic to learn different aspects of Chemical Engineering. This event focuses on giving knowledge on Chemical technologies developed so far. Workshops that will be conducted in this Edition of AZeotropy include-

Aspen Plus – Optimisation and design of safe profitable manufacturing facilities in the chemical processes.

COSMOL – Multiphysics’s interactive environment to solve various kinds of scientific and engineering problems.

DWSIM – An open source steady state chemical process modeling software

HAZOP – Identify and evaluate hazardous problems through the systematic study of a planned process.

ANSYS Fluent – Physical modeling of various fluid flow turbulence and heat transfer problems using ANSYS Fluent.

MATLAB –  Learn the popular programming language used to solve numerical computations and plotting data.

OpenFOAM –  Solve continuum mechanics problems including CFD used in academics and industry using OpenFOAM

OpenLCA –  Learn a technique of Life-Cycle Assessment to look at the environmental impacts of a product throughout its entire life.


AZeotropy brings you an exciting array of competitions whereby enthusiastic students from different parts of India get an opportunity to showcase their chemical engineering prowess. Do register to make full use of this opportune moment. The total prize money for the competitions is announced to be INR 2.46 Lakhs.

Competitions that are released in this Edition of AZeotropy include-

ChemRover – Design a chemically powered car carrying a load over a specified distance.

AFFICHE – Design a self-explanatory poster and present your research activity in front of panelists.

Viscometer – Test your wisdom on viscosity and try to verify it with reason and experiment.

IDP – Come up with solutions for industrial problems and present it in front of industrialists.

CIPHER – AZeotropy’s Online Crypt Hunt, Sit back and beat your brains out.

Nano-Invento – A chance to present your creative idea linked with chemical engineering and entrepreneurship.

Chem-O-Philia – Chemical Engineering Quiz which tests your technical prowess.

PUMP-IT – Engineer a centrifugal pump and manipulate the flow parameters to generate a source of light.

Chemathon – The most important property of a program is whether it accomplishes the intentions of its users. What if chemical engineers are the users?

Chem-E-Click – A chance to bring your creativity to life and win exciting prizes.

Q-VIZ-IT – Participate in the online quiz for a chance to visit an Industrial Plant.


As a chemical Engineering enthusiast, you would surely not want to miss this Edition!

So join us in our journey of enlightenment and be a part of AZeotropy 2019!

Mark your calendars!

Event: AZeotropy 2019

Date: 16th and 17th March

Venue: IIT Bombay, Powai



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