iLive: because you cared

Every twenty minutes, a person is diagnosed with cancer. Scary, isn’t it? Your stem cells can save their lives and the donation is simple. Not scary, or is it? The irony is that most of us find the latter scarier. There are facts people have heard, which are decades out of date and sometimes, plainly wrong. These myths, hold people back from giving hope of life to millions of people out there. As a part of an educated community which is ready to help, we ought to bust these myths.

Stem cells are the basic cells that can become almost any type of cell in the body. Stem cell research is exploding and is expected to revolutionize medicine. Stem cells play a huge part in the body’s healing process, and the introduction of new stem cells has always shown great promise in the treatment of many conditions. For many suffering from a fatal blood disorder, bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant is the only chance to survive. Only a few of them, however, are lucky enough to find a suitable donor in their families. The remaining count on the genetically matched donors who are unrelated otherwise. And this is how your two minutes can gift a life. How a person will live because you cared the other day to enroll yourself in the Stem Cell Donor Registry. The recruitment and donation process is safe, comfortable, painless and worthwhile in contrast to the prevalent myths.

The social campaign of AZeotropy 2019 is iLive: because you cared.

In collaboration with MDRI, we conducted Stem Cell Donor Recruitment drives in colleges where an overwhelming number of students came forward to recruit themselves. This is the first step in which 4 mL of blood is taken as a sample so as to do HLA typing. The MDRI is India’s first NGO which maintains a computerized database of voluntary, unrelated stem cell donors and facilitates blood Stem Cell transplants for patients with life-threatening blood diseases. This database will gift hope and happiness to the helpless, in the future. And even if one life is saved, we consider our work done. Our main aim is to enhance the registry, and also create awareness and bust myths. We, along with MDRI, also look forward to encouraging research in this field which would, in turn, save more lives in the future.

We, in association with DATRI,  intend to conduct a similar drive at IIT Bombay also, during AZeotropy 2019. DATRI is a non-profit organization working towards creating a wide and diverse database of potential blood stem cell donors that can be accessed by any patient, living anywhere in the world, in need of a blood stem cell transplant. We expect all of you to come forward and recruit yourself in the drive. Do not forget the importance of investing a couple of minutes and a mere 4 mL of blood in this noble initiative. You will take back a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment. Who knows, you may even get a rare opportunity of gifting a healthy life to someone, a gift which has no equal.

You are somebody’s type and you can be a game changer for them. Don’t shy away from giving someone hope when they are helpless. You will have nothing to lose and they will have everything they can’t live without.

Join the global movement. Recruit yourself. Gift hope. Save a life.


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