About the Symposium

AZeotropy is annual Chemical Engineering Symposium organized by students of the Chemical Engineering Department, IIT Bombay. In Chemical Engineering, Azeotrope is a mixture of two or more liquids whose proportions cannot be altered by just simple distillation.

On similar lines, the name AZeotropy signifies the goal of achieving a terrific, indestructible relation between the chemical industry and the curriculum for chemical engineering. It aims to manifest the very spirit of Chemical Engineering in young students from all corners of India. It involves a blend of Chemical engineering based competitions, lectures, exhibitions, workshops and many fun-with-learning events.

AZeotropy runs over a span of two days during the month of March with a footfall of over 2000 from more than 350 colleges of chemical engineering across India. It is a non-profit student-run organization started in 2007 primarily to cater to the chemical engineering enthusiasts by providing them a competitive as well as a learning platform.

The logo of AZeotropy depicts A to Z of Chemical Engineering. That precisely is the reason why A and Z both are written in the capital case.

AZeotropy is entirely student body organization. The core team consists of 15 members which include 1 overall coordinators and 14 department-wise heads. The team AZeotropy has a total of 150 students including all organizers and coordinators.

Each year, AZeotropy hauls a theme to promote and bring out the sections which are not discovered in routine academic curriculum and base on it organizes many intriguing competitions, events, and also a wide variety of lectures by industrialist and professors, panel discussions, on-the-spot quizzes, informal events etc. The list of themes of previous years consists of ‘Sustainable Development’, ‘Food and Nutrition’, ‘We Mean Green’, ‘Safer practices for Safer Returns’, ‘Opt for Optimization’, ‘R3- Reuse Recycle Refine’, ‘Inspire. Innovate. Evolve’.

Chemical Engineering Association, IIT Bombay

AZeotropy, India’s largest Chemical Engineering Symposium, is conducted every year by the Chemical Engineering Association(ChEA) of IIT Bombay. ChEA is one of the active departmental associations in IIT Bombay. The member of ChEA comprises of staff, faculty and an elected team of students. The activities organized by ChEA throughout the year have the objective of bringing students closer to the professional side of the chemical engineering, as well as expose the activities of our department to the world of chemical engineering. It ultimately aims at learning practical applications of theoretical knowledge through its activities.