Campus Ambassador Program

AZeotropy gives you a chance to showcase your leadership and organizational skills through our Campus Ambassador Program. A Campus Ambassador is a representative of AZeotropy in their respective college and his/her responsibility is to connect with the students who are enthusiastic about participating in the events and competitions conducted by AZeotropy. We are inviting registrations of students from colleges with programs such as chemical engineering, petrochemical, and petroleum engineering.

Duties for Campus Ambassador are :

1. Bridging the gap between your college participants, authorities and coordinate with Team AZeotropy for the exchange of queries and information.

2. Executing on-ground publicity of AZeotropy’s event via posters and your networking skills

3. Build a network, and share the latest activities of AZeotropy via your social media

4. Update the students regularly about AZeotropy’s activities through emails and other modes of Communication

5. Familiarize participants from your college with the online environments being used and solve their technical issues

Most importantly conducting Chem-O-Philia at your college, here goes the brief description of it: Chem-O-Philia is an international level Chemical Engineering quiz which is conducted across India and abroad. This unique quizzing event will test mainly your conceptual Chemical Engineering knowledge from basics to some complex problems involving around 20 short answer questions (mostly MCQ’s) in about an hour. Participation must consist of a team of 2 members. Chem-O-Philia conduction can be done from Aug-end to Oct-end depending on the accordance with the exams, holidays, etc in your college. The qualifiers will then compete on a national level quiz involving various rounds held at IIT Bombay in March.

Also, note that the benefits which include

  1. Certificate of Organisation of AZeotropy, IIT Bombay
  2. Two Free Workshops
  3. Letter of Excellence
  4. Certificate of Appreciation and T-Shirts (For top 10 Ambassadors)

Finally, we believe this position will truly develop the things you are looking for, contributing not only to AZeotropy but also to yourself in a productive manner.

You can register yourself for Campus Ambassador Program of AZeotropy, IIT Bombay at

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader…”


Team Public Relations

AZeotropy, IIT Bombay