Overall Coordinator’s Desk

AZeotropy, the chemical symposium of IIT Bombay is a common platform for bringing industry and academia together with a countrywide audience. AZeotropy as a whole is an interesting blend of various intriguing Competitions, Talks, Panel Discussions, Exhibitions, Workshops, and many fun-with-learning events. From the very first edition in 2007 to its 14th edition in 2020 AZeotropy have covered various aspects of chemical engineering through its theme and introduced students to various opportunities available in those areas. Over the 14 years, AZeotropy has witnessed the presence of eminent personalities such as Dr Man Mohan Sharma, Harsh Boghale,  Prof. Nicholas Abbott from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’, Prof. Paul F Luckam from Imperial College, London, Prof. Rakesh Agrawal from Purdue University, Prof. Douglas Buttrey from the University of Delaware Newark.

Many minds stimulating competitions including quizzes, model making, poster presentation, and industrial design problems are conducted to provide students with an opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to convert ideas into action. The Chemical engineering National Quiz, ‘Chem-O’Philia’, Chem-E-witch, Affiche are some of the competitions which have witnessed huge participation from the students every year. Software-based workshops such as ASPEN, ANSYS Fluent, COMSOL, MATLAB, DWSIM, Hint are conducted to give students the flavour of chemical engineering.

The panel discussion of this year was on the headlines of “BIoplastics and Biofuels: myths, realities, and opportunities”. The discussion revealed many interesting viewpoints on the topic. The discussion was headed by renowned delegates including Dr. Narasimhan Santhanam, Dr. Rangaprasad R, Rowan Williams, Dr. Vijay Habbu, Dr. Gaurav Madhu. We had Dr. N.C. Saha as a moderator at Panel Discussions.

In the 12th edition, a new event was introduced -Fire Side which was an informal discussion on the life of a Dr MM Sharma, who has been honoured by Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan. This event made the audience question and wonder as they went on encompassing his valuable life experiences, the hurdles he has faced during his career, the way he has tackled them and the motivation that has always driven him to achieve more.

AZeotropy has been associated with companies like Alkyl Amines Chemicals Limited, Hikal, Hindustan Petroleum, Sawant Filtech Pvt. Ltd, BASF India, NEOGEN Chemicals, Bisleri, Reliance Industries Limited, TATA Chemicals, Mersen etc.

Over the years AZeotropy has grown bigger and diverse reaching every aspect of an ideal chemical engineering symposium.

Geetika Jain & Manan Kasana

Overall Coordinators

AZeotropy 2021