Nano-scale secrets of Rechargeable Batteries

Who wouldn’t want a battery that charges quickly and lasts for a long time? After carrying out extensive research for decades, in 2016, scientists finally devised a totally new way of looking at the electrochemical reaction of the most simplest rechargeable battery- Lithium-ion battery.

Indefinitely Recyclable Plastic

What do you see every time you go to the beach? Plastic waste floating in the water – damaging the marine ecosystem and causing air and land pollution. We see plastic waste around us everyday which is the major cause of pollution on the planet. Once a boon has now become a curse, posing a threat to our own existence. Despondently it doesn’t even disintegrate. Have you ever wondered how we could overcome this?


The CIPHER Portal is active now!
The first ones to clear level 10 and 20 would be awarded prize money worth 2500 INR. Top three leading contestants by 10:00 pm, 10th March would be awarded the prize money worth 7500 INR.

FOSSEE- For better education

FOSSEE(Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Education) is working for improving education levels in India, close to a decade by promoting Open-Source software. FOSSEE is the project funded by National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India, based out of IIT Bombay.